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Sunday, September 9, 2012

I Love The Unexpected

Aren't unexpected surprises wonderful -

I was on my way out shopping one Saturday morning when I received a call from 2 of my Garden Club friends.

They enjoy going to yard sales and local Thrift Stores. They were at a church thrift store looking at some containers of fabric that had just come in - they were sure it was mostly quilting fabric and wanted to know if I was interested in it.  Well OF COURSE I was but being I could not actually see what was in the boxes and they had not been priced yet; I had no idea of value.  I knew they were very good shoppers and told them to use their discretion depending on what was actually in the containers.

I was walking in JoAnnes Fabric Store when my cell phone rang - when I picked it up it was my husband Karl calling.  The first thing out of his mouth was "DO NOT BUY ANY FABRIC".  It seems that my friends had bought this fabric for $100 at the Thrift Store and there were 7 (yes 7) boxes of it to be picked up.  Their words to him were "She will NOT be disappointed". 

Well 5 days later I finished going thru all the fabric and - to say the least - I WAS NOT disappointed.  It was mostly quilting fabric and to boot; a lot of it was the kind I liked.  I definitely got my monies worth and what I couldn't use I gave to some friends and my sister Linda of Linda Walsh Originals.  I also forwarded another box of material that I knew we could not use, onto the local food pantry thrift store for them to sell.

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