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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

CRAFTSY - A Great Place To Be

As you have heard - CRAFTSY - has created a wonderful venue for selling your patterns.

If you are an independent pattern designer looking to sell your e-patterns then you really need to check this out.  It costs you nothing except a little time to set up your account.

So why am I repeating what was basically said in my last post - because I SOLD an e-pattern yesterday.  My first e-pattern sold and it was because of CRAFTSY.  I have sold hard copy patterns to one of my local stores but this was the first "on-line" pattern and what a thrill!

Which pattern was it?  It was my Sunset Silhouettes Frame or Quilt Fabric Wall Art pattern

It was exciting to receive an e-mail stating that payment had been received in my Paypal account.  All I did from that point was print out a copy of the transaction and send a thank-you letter to my first customer.  It was that easy.

So don't waste another second - if you are an independent pattern designer then get yourself onto CRAFTSY.  If you are looking for patterns check out CRAFTSY - so many talented people all on one site!

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