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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

"Alpacas Under The Sycamore"

ICBD008 Alpacas Under The Sycamore E-Pattern
33” L x 23 1/2” W Frame or Quilt - Fabric Wall Art
E-Pattern With Framing Instructions

My husband and I own and operate our Rock Garden Alpacas farm and love watching the alpacas grazing in the field.  We have also for many years driven around this time of the year taking pictures of all the beautiful Sycamore trees without their leaves; this was the inspiration for Alpacas Under The Sycamore.

"Alpacas Under The Sycamore" is 19 pages containing a digital picture of the framed fabric wall art, supplies needed and detailed instructions for creating the frame or quilt - fabric wall art; illustrations to guide you along the way, instructions for creating the wood frame, and full size pattern pieces. Pattern also includes both the forward and reverse pages for easy tracing onto iron-on transfer paper.

I hope you enjoy creating "Alpacas Under The Sycamore".

ICBD008 Alpacas Under The Sycamore

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

CRAFTSY - A Great Place To Be

As you have heard - CRAFTSY - has created a wonderful venue for selling your patterns.

If you are an independent pattern designer looking to sell your e-patterns then you really need to check this out.  It costs you nothing except a little time to set up your account.

So why am I repeating what was basically said in my last post - because I SOLD an e-pattern yesterday.  My first e-pattern sold and it was because of CRAFTSY.  I have sold hard copy patterns to one of my local stores but this was the first "on-line" pattern and what a thrill!

Which pattern was it?  It was my Sunset Silhouettes Frame or Quilt Fabric Wall Art pattern

It was exciting to receive an e-mail stating that payment had been received in my Paypal account.  All I did from that point was print out a copy of the transaction and send a thank-you letter to my first customer.  It was that easy.

So don't waste another second - if you are an independent pattern designer then get yourself onto CRAFTSY.  If you are looking for patterns check out CRAFTSY - so many talented people all on one site!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Win-Win For E-Pattern Sellers -

If you're a pattern designer, like me, you might want to visit as they are adding a FREE PATTERN sales service for Indie Designers to their website that is set to launch in February 2012. It's a win-win for pattern designers as right now it's totally FREE for pattern designers to upload and sell their e-patterns on

Here's what they had to say about selling patterns on their website:

Why Indie Designers sell their patterns on Craftsy -

As an independent designer, you want to get your patterns in front of great crafters looking for inspiration. Plus, you need to get the most out of every sale and your marketing budget. That's why we've made Craftsy free for independent designers to sell patterns to our huge audience of enthusiastic crafters. When you sell your patterns on Craftsy:

It's free. Buyers buy directly from you via PayPal. Craftsy does not charge any fees. End of story.

It's hassle-free. You use a simple form to set up your lovely pattern sales pages, and Craftsy handles the rest. Buyers download your pattern directly (no email headaches). You get paid!

You get your patterns out to a vibrant, growing craft community. With over 1 Million Facebook fans and 500K monthly visitors and counting, Craftsy is a rapidly growing marketplace where great designers can connect with LOTS of potential buyers.

You create an ongoing relationship with your customers. As a small business owner, you know it's critical to stay engaged with your best customers. On Craftsy, your followers get notified every time you post a new pattern. Buyers are encouraged to post photos of their finished projects and review your pattern. Popular patterns can gain even more attention on leaderboards, increasing sales and reputation within the community. is a crafting community that offers online classes and workshops in all sorts of crafts as well as holding MeetUp Craft parties and events all over the world.  They also offer free projects, crafting challenges, a blog, and great deals on craft supplies. And, soon they will be offering e-patterns.

According to the buzz they are one of the fastest growing crafting communities on the web. They went online in March 2011 so they are still a relatively new community.

I became a member, set-up a profile page, and then set-up a pattern store for selling my e-patterns. The set-up and adding of e-patterns is EXTREMELY easy to do and takes no time at all.

You can include a description on your profile page as well as links to your blog and websites(s). Your page will have a tab for your projects and your pattern store. If you'd like to see my Deb Bohringer Inspired Creations by D profile page please CLICK HERE.

This is a win-win for e-pattern sellers. If you're a pattern designer you might want to check out as a new venue for selling your e-patterns.