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Sunday, January 15, 2012

My New Frame or Quilt Fabric Wall Art Patterns are Done

I have completed my latest Frame or Quilt Fabric Wall Art Patterns.  I really enjoy creating these.  It also gives my husband and I some shared project time because he makes the frames (not that I couldn't do it myself, but its more fun this way) and I sew the fabric. Of course, if you don't want to complete the frame part of them, then simply complete the quilting part and hang as you would any of your completed wall quilts.  It's easy and really enjoyable seeing the patterns come to life as you work on them.

The first one is Moms Joy, inspired by the memory of my mother whose name was Joy, who loved roses and the color blue.

The second one is Sunset Silhouettes, a picture I took when visiting my mother-in-law in Florida. The birds were sitting on a dead tree overlooking a pond.  It was during the day, I have always loved the picture only wishing it had happened at sunset.   That was what inspired me to recreate the picture in fabric with a sunset in their background.


And the third one is Cattails - I love the colors of Fall and have always loved seeing cattails and reeds on the side of the roads; nature I find is the ultimate inspiration

There are so many beautiful patterns available on so many different websites, I hope if you find yourself here on mine that you may be Inspired to try one of them.

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