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Saturday, June 4, 2011

About Our Patterns

I am pleased to offer you several of my original design  frame or quilt - fabric wall art patterns. They can be purchased either as print patterns or e-patterns. All four of my original designs can also be purchased as a "4 in 1" emailed e-pattern set or print pattern set.

Each pattern contains a digital picture of the framed fabric wall art, a list of supplies needed, instructions for creating the frame or quilt - fabric wall art, illustrations to guide you along, instructions for creating the wood frame, and full size pattern pieces.

Right now I have 4 original designs for you to choose from and hope to have many, many more in the near future. As I design new patterns I also hope to offer more "4 in 1" print pattern sets.

If you would like to see our patterns please visit the "Our Patterns For Sale" page of our Inspired Creations By D website.

I am a designer on my sister's "Linda Walsh Originals" website and my e-patterns are sold there.  My e-patterns are "instant download" e-patterns which means you can get then right away.    To view my "Inspired Creations By D" designer page please CLICK HERE.  To buy my "instant download e-patterns" please CLICK HERE.

I also offer emailed e-patterns and they can be purchased here on my website.  Just click the BUY NOW button on the respective pattern page to purchase an emailed e-pattern.  Once I am notified by PayPal of payment I will email your e-pattern to you as an attachment within 48 hours.  Hopefully, sooner.

All of my print patterns are sold here on my website.  If you would like to buy my print patterns just click the BUY NOW button on my respective patterns page and follow the prompts for checking out via PayPal. 

Please visit the "ORDER INFORMATION" page of our main Inspired Creations By D website for our policies on the following: Instant Download E-Patterns, Shopping Cart, Payment Policy, Credit Card Policy, Orders by Email, Pattern Prices, International Orders, Shipping & Handling, E-Patterns, Returns, Returned Check Fee, Privacy, Questions, Links To Other Websites, Wholesale, and Copyrights.

What Are E-Patterns and Instant Download E-Patterns?

You’re probably wondering what E-Patterns are?  Well, they are complete patterns sent to you over the internet as a PDF (portable document format) file which can be downloaded directly to your computer.

They are sent to you via Email or they can be instantly downloaded which means no waiting for the postman to arrive.

Why would you want to order E-Patterns?

First of all, you save time and money.  Time because you can get them instantly yourself or within 24 hours if you want them emailed to you by me.  Money because our E-Patterns COST A LOT LESS then our patterns mailed via the post office.

Secondly, you can view or print them anytime you want with the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader (FREE download available at

What do you get with an E-Pattern?

Basically, you get our whole pattern just like it had been mailed to you, only sent to you electronically.

Instead of receiving our whole printed pattern in a plastic envelope via the post office you’ll receive the whole pattern electronically (minus the plastic envelope, of course).

How does it work?

There are two ways for you to get them.

You can order our Instant Download E-Patterns from the Inspired Creations By D designer page of the Linda Walsh Originals E-Patterns website by clicking on the “CLICK Here To Buy” link for any of our patterns. Here you can take advantage of the Instant Download E-Patterns shopping cart feature and buy one or as many “Instant Download E-Patterns” as you want, all at once. All of the download links will be emailed to you automatically once payment has been made to PayPal. Your email will contain all the download links for the E-Patterns you have purchased.

Another nice feature here is that if for some reason you shouldn't get the email with the links then you can go to your Account at our Linda Walsh Originals E-Patterns website and download your E-Patterns from there.

If you chose to purchase the “Instant Download E-Patterns” from the Inspired Creations By D designer page of  the Linda Walsh Originals E-Patterns website please view our “How To Order and Download E-Patterns” page before purchasing.

Or, if you prefer you can buy them here on our Inspired Creations By D website as “Emailed E-Patterns” and we will send them to you as email attachments once payment has been made through PayPal.  If you chose to have your E-Pattern emailed to you from us then when your payment is processed Paypal will notify us and we will send you an Email with the E-Pattern PDF file attachment within 48 hours at the latest.  Hopefully, much sooner

Either way you will receive an E-Pattern in PDF (Portable Document Format) which you will need to download and save to your computer.

To view and print our E-Patterns you’ll need Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 or higher. If you don’t have it. Don’t worry. It’s a FREE download from Adobe. Just go to .

If you already have the Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 or higher then all you need to do is download the PDF file attachment from your Email and then open it to view it. It will open in the Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can save it, view it or print it from Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Printing Tips: All of our E-Patterns are scaled for 8 1/2” x 11” letter size pages so please make sure that when you go to print the E-Pattern that you select “NONE” under page scaling in the Acrobat Reader print window. Make sure to print it only from the Adobe Acrobat Reader otherwise the scaling may be off. Orientation is portrait.

Please make sure to supply PayPal or us with a valid Email address or you won’t be able to Instantly Download your E-Pattern or we won’t be able to Email your E-Pattern to you.

Please visit the “How To Order and Download E-Patterns” page of the Linda Walsh Originals E-Patterns website should you have any problems with downloading your e-pattern. Please note that the download links expire after 48 hours and after 3 attempts. If you have a problem with your download link or have exhausted the links before receiving your e-pattern please email us at and we will either re-set the download link or send you your e-pattern as an attachment to your email.

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